RolandaAge: 17 (3 minutes older than Rolanda 2). Favorite show: ¿ Unknown ? Story: Well she joined Pontos and the WhatLand family on 2013. She was pretty random. Same as her twin. Catchphrase: Hi my name is Rolanda Fact: She made her catchphrase a song. In the One Step mv that got deleted because of copyright, she said "Hi, my name is, Rolanda!" and Zaiziwhenya went like "Who cares ya butt".

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ScribblesAge: 13 Favorite food: Sushi Catchphrase: This might make me pass out before too long. Story: She was born on 2001/February 4th. She was cute, but very random. She got lost and she got scared. Good thing Tenshi was there. (Gosh Tenshi's so popular on her sister's story..not really) they found this house and bought it. it was even better than that house with the cardboard can see why..... Now they're very close and have lots of adventures!! They will see their parents again soon......(Meaning Scribbles and Tenshi's Adventures S2 E1.)


Zaiziwhenya Age: 11 Story: She was a little girl, a skinny bunny, she was popular in school, but she went on a paint pool (IKR) Then she got tattoo's and then a nuclear sauce fell on her, a frog, a little girl and a dog. She looks like this now. Now she gets made fun of, but she got a lot of friends moving to Pontos, the plushie city. THE END


Saki Eika: Age: 9 Catchphrase: Whaaa-wat!! and I'M NOT HATING I'M JUST TELLING YOU! Favorite food: RICE

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Tenshi: Age: 9 Last name: No one knows Favorite tv show: Adventure Time and Pokemon Family: Scribbles, cause Tenshi has not been found on the streets (IKR) Crush: None, she's to fab for that Favorite singer: Iggy Azalea Tenshi is just normal....JK she's a random sassy weird girl that was left on her mom's door then the son picked her up and was like "NOPE" She is sweet but when you make her ya Her catchphrase is " ".


Lucy: Favorite food: idk Favorite tv show: Adventure Time Actitude: Weird,creepy but nice. Catchphrase:Srsly?

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